An amazing library to create synthetic videos


Install the dword library

pip install dword

Make sure you have ffmpeg installed.

Quick start

Step 1: Use api keys to login

Start by logging into your DeepWord account and generating API keys


Use these keys to login to your DeepWord account via the Python api

from dword.core import DeepWord
acc = DeepWord(API_KEY, SECRET_KEY)
login successful

Now, make sure that you have enough credits available to generate synthetic videos.


Step 2: Start creating videos

That's it!!!!

You can now start creating synthetic videos. All you need is a video of the person talking and the audio you want them to say. In this quick start tutorial, we will use a video and audio we already have.

To learn more about different ways to use video and audio, refer our tutorial here.

acc.generate_video('Anna.mp4', 'my_audio.mp3', title = 'first_deepword_video')
{'status': True,
 'message': 'Your video has been added to the queue for processing. It should be complete within 10-15 minutes',
 'url': ''}

{'email': '',
 'thumbnail': 'video_b47y6afmn0kri14srr.mp4',
 'title': 'video_0',
 'video_url': '',
 'video_duration': '30.0000',
 'video_id': 'b47y6afmn0kri14srr',
 'generate_date': '2021-07-24T17:11:42.000Z',
 'output_status': 'Complete'}

Once the status changes from 'Queued' to 'Completed' you can either use acc.download_video or acc.download_all_videos to download your video.